IRB 1520ID High Precision Robotic Lean Arc Welder for Stable and Precise Welding from ABB


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ABB manufacture the innovative IRB 1520ID Lean Arc Welder Robots for precise and efficient welding applications. These intelligent machines require minimal maintenance and deliver precise and stable welding.

Excellent motion control demonstrated through exceptional path accuracy

  • Integrated dressing feature allows for welding around cylindrical objects without any stops and can easily reach narrow spaces
  • Hose package is completely integrated into the base and upper arm of the robot
  • Intuitive graphical interface enables operators to control the robot in a specified language
  • Robot features a payload capacity of 4kg with a reach of 1.5 meters
Positioning flexibility to mount the robot in both floor and inverted positions
  • Touch screen and unique ABB joy-stick provides easy repositioning of the robot
  • Quickmove™ technology enables robot to increase acceleration between welds for higher output and minimal energy consumption
  • Arc welding processes are easily programmed and maintained with the ABB FlexPendant
  • ABB also offer software packages including RobotStudio™ and VirtualArc™ which provides welding expertise and will produce predictable cycle times and welding quality after only a few hours
ABB also offers RemoteService which gives remote access to equipment for monitoring and support. These innovative and efficient arc welding robots provide the ideal solution to your welding requirements. ABB Australia information and contact details


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