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ABB’s Emax 2 Ekip Power Controller helps buildings manage power consumption

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Leading power and automation technology group, ABB has introduced a new load management software designed to help commercial and industrial buildings optimise power consumption by disconnecting non-priority loads.

ABB’s Emax 2 Ekip Power Controller is an intelligent load management software provided as an exclusive option for the new Emax 2, a smart low voltage air circuit breaker that has been recognised by the LEED rating system for green buildings.

The Emax 2 Ekip Power Controller manages energy consumption by switching off electricity supply to non-essential equipment, putting them back on again as soon as acceptable power levels are achieved. The software uses complex algorithms for intelligent decision-making, switching power when it is appropriate, while maintaining the overall functionality or productivity of the connected equipment.

According to Giampiero Frisio, head of ABB’s Breakers and Switches business unit, buildings can take advantage of intelligent load reduction especially during peak times when power demand can result in excessive fees or even blackouts. ABB’s new Emax 2 Ekip Power Controller calculator will also help potential customers establish the savings they can achieve using the technology.

For instance, by replacing existing traditional circuit breakers with the Emax 2, buildings can potentially achieve annual savings of 5.8 million megawatt-hours (MWh), equivalent to the electricity consumption of 1.4 million European households per year.

Installed at the ABB Low Voltage Products’ new technical centre in Bergamo, Italy, Emax 2 Ekip Power Controller is already helping the building, which is equipped with advanced automation technology systems, to reduce power consumption during high-demand hours. Embedded in the Emax 2 breaker, the Ekip Power Controller intelligently limits the 400 kW of HVAC loads, which is equivalent to the power usage of more than 100 apartments. The technical centre is able to achieve savings on utility costs amounting to $14,000 (11,000 Euros) annually.

ABB’s Ekip Power Controller is also helping the Vilinius University in Lithuania reap the benefits of the technology at their new Life Sciences Center, an impressive 20,000 square metre building. The developers chose the Power Controller because of its unique ability to control the maximum electrical loads consumed and automatically shut off non-essential equipment if needed, avoiding the risk of unexpected power disconnections caused by high consumption during peak hours. 

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