Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collectors


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Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collectors use compressed air to provide a short pulse of high pressure air, removing any dust cake that has built up on the outside of the collection filter.

XLC FabriPulse

The AAF FabriPulse XLC is a pulse-cleaned fabric filter deisgned to handle large gas and difficult dusts eg. metallurgical fumes at elevated temperatures. It is designed from proven principles and built from standardized components. This makes the AAF FabriPulse XLC both flexible and economical to operate.

Force Air Cooler (FAC)

This is an air-to-air heater exchanger, which reduces the temperature entering the bag house and maintains a constant outlet temperature.

OptiFlo Cartridge Collector

The AAF OptiFlo Cartirdge Collector is the optimum solution to a variety of in-plant air pollution problems. The compact modules help conserve valuable space and can be interconnected to accomodate the largest air cleaning task.

Design M FabriPulse

The AAF Design M FabriPulse is a unique, front accesss bag house that lends itself to in-plant use for cleaning up even the most difficult air pollution problems.

Design B FabriPulse

FabriPulse Model B has a variety of filter media. It can be used in applications in which dust and gas conditions.


The AAF Millennium bag house provides high efficiency air cleaning on the most difficult dry dust collection applications. The Millennium is modular in design with a wide variety of filter lengths and filter media. It provides the most effective way of cleaning heavy dust concetrations from large exhaust air volumes.


The AAF ArrestAll shaker collector is an inexpensive solution for small and medium intermittent air pollution problems. This fully self-contained dust collector provides high efficiency air cleaning on intermittent dry dust collection applications.

OptiFlo Weld Fume Collector

The AAF WFE 150 and WFE 300 Carbo Portable Weld Fume Extractors are self-contained, portable units that capture welding smoke and fumes at the source.

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