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Forget timber and tiles and try concrete coatings by Sexy Floors

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When pulling up an old floor, there’s nothing sexy about finding concrete dust, old ‘scab like’ glue or exposed industrial strength nails. There’s nothing sexy about years of wear and tear etched on underlay and there’s definitely nothing sexy about the general ‘grubbiness’ of an old concrete surface.

Enter aaaSexyfloors . They can reclaim a renovation and provide a personally designed floor finished with a durable concrete coating, epoxy.

Sexy Floors Australia have been creating epoxy finishes for concrete floors and can lay designer epoxy metallic floors including aluminium, copper and bronze. They also specialize in polished concrete coatings.

Epoxy is a resinous material consisting of a base resin and a hardener. When these two products are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs causing the resins to cure to a hard plastic like finish. Every concrete surface can be saved, including those surfaces in a desperate need for rejuvenation.

This designer concrete coating process starts with a diamond grinder and a commercial grade vacuum. This grinder removes all concrete imperfections including glue, mould and all those other things you didn’t think could exist on concrete. The vacuum attachment ensures that during the grinding process, concrete dust doesn’t fly into the air. Grinding is the equivalent of cleaning the concrete, so the result is a smooth surface.

The next stage of the process is to level and prime the floor. For new concrete, levelling isn’t normally required. However, for older slabs, levelling is a vital part to ensure the epoxy coat sits evenly.

The next stage involves the epoxy coat. This is where imaginations can run wild. Most designer floors are hand trowelled giving the floor a unique finish. This is where grey concrete is transformed into any possible finish.

The final stage is the application of the polish. The polish not only gives the floor more shine, but also ensures the designer epoxy is further protected from man-made elements (scuffs and scratches).

Epoxy has evolved from being used as a commercial grade non-slip industrial surface and is now used in many commercial, domestic and industrial areas; from corporate business offices to chic showrooms to multi-million dollar properties. Not one epoxy floor is the same. The colour, design, depth and texture are all done on site. The innovation (and the secret) is the application.

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