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How to minimise pallet wrapping costs

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article image The C-One Plana Pallet Wrapper is part of the C-One Stretch Wrapping Machine range.

All industry uses packaging in some way and many, many businesses need to wrap pallets. Matt McDonald looks at a pallet wrapping system that promises to keep the costs of so doing down.

Businesses looking to minimise the amount of money they spend on pallet wrapping need to seek out the best possible price for stretch film. It all comes down to price per roll, right?

Wrong, says Tim Salisbury, Managing Director of AAA Packaging.

“A lot of companies have been blinded as to what their real expenditures are. And it all comes back to one point, which is how much does it actually cost to wrap you pallet,” Salisbury told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“It’s got nothing to do with how much a roll of film costs. Or how much the machine costs or how much time it does or doesn’t take.”

It comes down to the total cost it takes to wrap your pallet, he said. And the best way to keep the total cost nice and low is to use as little stretch wrap as you can.

Salisbury explained that research by his company concluded that more than 75% of stretch wrapping equipment tested performs below acceptable levels. This leads to companies wasting tens of thousands of dollars on the stuff.

The system

So the company has developed a pallet wrapping system that reduces unnecessary wastage.

“It offers not just a little saving. It offers a very substantial saving… and heavily reduces the wastage used in film,” Salisbury said. “At the end of the day that’s what the bean counters are looking for.”

Dubbed the ‘The Perfect Wrapping System’, it involves the use of the C-One Stretch Wrapping Machine range and Euro Stretch Film.

The C-One machines are available in semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic models.

The semi-automatic machines are normally used in low volume applications where no more than 30 loads an hour need to be wrapped. These machines require that the load be brought to the machine either by fork lift (high profile) or by pallet jack (low profile). An operator then has to attach film to the load before wrapping can begin.

With the automatic models, it is possible to load pallets onto the wrapping machine using a forklift (without getting off the forklift).

And the fully automatic machines don’t need an operator at all. Loads are transferred to the machine via a conveyor system into the wrapping area where it begins to wrap the pallet.

AAA Packaging claims the system will save its customers more than 20 per cent on wrapping costs and more than 50 per cent on stretch film ­usage. Salisbury pointed out that, on top of that, they can expect further savings in the area of waste disposal.

Asked if the company offers a money back guarantee on these assurances, Salisbury said this is not necessary as the work is done before it comes to that.

“We put a proposal together. We go out to a new prospect with… computerised measuring gear and we’ll find out what they do…do cut and weighs, ask lots of questions, take a full report…”

“We’ll do a lot of testing of the current ability of whatever film they are using to hold and retrain movement within the pallet and test that against our own [film] and then we’ll offer them a proposal which includes the documented report of what they’re currently using against what we could supply them.”

According to Salisbury, C-One Stretch Wrapping Machines aren’t prohibitively expensive. Depending on what options you get with them, the price for everything you need lies somewhere between $11,000 and $17,000.

Businesses which would benefit from using them don’t have to be that large.

Who can use the system

Salisbury said that businesses spending 50 - 70 thousand dollars a year still stand to benefit from having the systems installed. “Their savings are not going to be as big as some of the bigger ones, that’s all.”

He said that, provided a business intends to regularly use the system and they’re spending $4000 – $5000 every month, they stand to benefit from it.

He added that the company offers several options to potential customers – purchase outright, rental, lease, or loan.

Apart from cost savings, Salisbury pointed out that the C-One Stretch Wrapping Machine Range also performs well in terms of safety, reliability, environmental waste and time saving.

Asked if the ‘perfect’ wrapping system can be improved upon, Salisbury said he expected to see further advances in the industry in coming years. He said suppliers which intend to continue selling their current products and systems into the future, will not be around in five years’ time. They won’t survive.

In contrast, Salisbury is confident his company has a bright future.

“We’re proud to be the company that’s shaking the foundations of some of these prior producers and suppliers,” he said.

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