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The SV-A is the latest addition to the family of Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers. The SV-10 and SV-100 have introduced a new discipline to the viscometry market with their ease of operation, high accuracy and fast testing times. The SV-A has been added to the range to address applications where the sample is so precious that the absolute minimum must be used for a viscosity measurement. The vibro method can now be used to assess the viscosity of samples as small as 2ml (SV-1A) while still retaining the 1% repeatability that has become synonomous with the other SV models.

Featuring measurement ranges of 1000mPa/sec (cP) and 10,000 mPa/sec (cP) the SV-1A and SV-10A are perfect devices for use in R&D applications where maximum traceability is required as is highlighted with the tri-directional measurement platform. The SV-A has a host of optional accessories which allow the viscometer to be customised for particular application.

As is standard with SV Series units the software program WinCT Viscosity is supplied as standard while the SV-A includes a new feature of a standard Serial/USB allowing direct connection to PC via the USB port. Talk to your A&D Mercury representative now about organising your first demonstration.  

Features of the SV-A Series Vibro Viscometer:  

  • Very small sample size: The SV-1A Vibro Viscometer requires a sample volume of only 2ml (SV-10A: 10ml or more) so users do not waste any samples and can save costs.
  • Titanium sensor plates: Anti-corrosive, titanium (JIS Class 2) sensor plates, which are resistant to chemical substances.
  • X-Y-Z stage: Fine position adjustment of the sample cup in three axial directions
  • Detachable sensor unit: The sensor unit can be detached from the stand and conveniently used for field research purposes.
  • Standard carrying case: A portable carrying case is provided as standard for field research purposes.
  • Auto hold function: When the change of the displayed viscosity value is within the stabilization range for a fixed period of averaging time, the Stability value is set to hold. This Vibro Viscometer function is useful when measuring in the field.

SV-A Series Vibro Viscometer is available from A and D Mercury .

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