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Are you required to ensure you supply correct weights to supermarkets and other clients? A&D Weighing’s EZI-Check™ inspection systems includes their market leading high speed checkweighers that’s been specifically designed to weigh, classify and segregate products based on weight. Its Japanese design provides high-level performance, accuracy and reliability, making it easily adaptable to existing lines. 

A&D Weighing also supply food grade metal detectors to the EZI-Check™ inspection systems. These Metal detectors are cleverly manufactured to detect metal contaminants in packaged products, and contributes to the delivery of safe consumer goodswhilst safeguarding your production processes & reputation.

•Checkweighers and Metal Detectors are dust and water protected to IP65 standards

•Easy to operate with large 7 inch colour touch panel

Full information on these systems - https://www.andweighing.com.au/category/products-service/metaldetectors-checkweighers#All

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