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Fabricated metal products and ground engaging equipment from Zillmere Engineering

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Zillmere Engineering  offers fabricated metal products that can be used in water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, sewerage treatment plants, road works and bridges. Zillmere Engineering has steel fabrication, aluminium fabrication and special services departments.

Zillmere Engineering offers a range of products from aluminium ball type hand railing to penstocks. Aluminium grating, pit cover, gas tight covers, self closing gates, ladders and drop boards (stop boards) are manufactured by Zillmere Engineering. In addition, aluminium stairways, walkways, slide gates and grating deflections as well as nylon separation washers are also offered by Zillmere Engineering.

Aluminium ladders that are custom designed with AutoCad to meet user requirements are offered by Zillmere Engineering. All products from Zillmere Engineering comply with Australian safety standards. With non corrosive material and high quality dynamic designing, aluminium products from Zillmere Engineering are architecturally pleasing, reliable and durable. Computer control systems can also be integrated with certain aluminium fabrication products from Zillmere Engineering like penstocks to enable monitoring operations.

Zillmere Engineering also offers fabricated steel products like galvanised sign gantries, hand railing, Wharf Fender accessories and bridge expansion joints. Most products can also be manufactured using stainless steel by Zillmere Engineering if the customer requires so.

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