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Zeroflush urinals available from ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals

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The average male urinates between 0.29- 0.35 litres, each instance. Hence, if the volume of a cartridge trap type waterless urinal is less than 0.5 litres, some fresh urine that has not dropped the uric salts into the cartridge will pass through.

  • The urine will pass through the cartridge meeting the air at the secondary (casing) point (see picture below) prior to meeting the drainage pipe causing clogs. Since air is present the salts will dry-up and clog.
  • Note that in Zeroflush, it does not have a secondary housing, since the housing is part of the Trap. Further to that it is built directly into the main line.
  • Importantly, Zeroflush trap is 1.4 litres in size, therefore it can hold more urine, and does not allow any fresh urine to pass through, that has not been filtered.
  • Note that because Zeroflush housing is part of the trap, the uric acid/salts remains wet in the housing. The salt sits beneath the water (note: males urine is 96% water) and the natural biodegradable oil (blocking foul odour).
  • Now, after 15,000 visits have occurred and maintenance is due, the insert is pulled out and a pail of water is used to flush all uric salt deposits away. (At this point, also note that Zeroflush trap is made of ABS, hence sediments does not stick).
  • In conclusion, while other systems allow trickles of sediments to pass through causing clogs in the secondary point or main line;
    Zero Flush being larger in size, built to hold more urine, is built directly to the drain pipe and holds the salts until maintenance is due (blue trace is seen), all wet sediments will than be pail flushed away all at one go, preventing any occurrence of clogging.
  • Further to the above, there is a CCTV drain camera and have found zero sediments in the mains.
  • The past experience and experimentations of ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals , evidently shows that Zero Flush is undoubtedly the choice urinal.

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