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ZeroFlush’s waterless urinals reduces water use

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ZeroFlush’s waterless urinals have revolutionised the market for sanitary fixtures in Australia, reducing water use and saving clients money on installation and maintenance.

The ZeroFlush waterless urinal is a solid porcelain fixture, with a large removable housing and interchangeable trap inserts. Which means that every piece of the urinal can be removed and replaced should the need arise. 

By having larger 1.4litre housing, the ZeroFlush waterless urinal can last for longer periods between maintenance, lasting up to fifteen thousand uses. This means the customer picks up savings on water, waste water and maintenance.

Cleaning the ZeroFlush waterless urinal is as simple as spray, and wipe. No contact ever needs to be made with urine.

The main benefits of waterless urinals include:
* No water is used during operation, helping to save Australia’s precious natural resources.
* The larger housing means they last up to four times longer than some other brands.
* Waterless urinals do not fade like some fibreglass urinals do, the high gloss porcelain finish prevents fading, and also protects against harmful bacteria and fungal growths, which can occur in water flushing urinals.
* Trap inserts can be recycled for re-use, saving customers more money by not having to buy expensive cartridges.

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