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Three new Zero-Max coupling brochures from Zero-Max

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Zero-Max  has published three new catalogues, each focusing on its coupling lines that have three distinct qualities. The three catalogues include:

  • CD Couplings that are designed for precision applications including packaging machines, pick and place systems, printing machinery, machine tools and systems using servo motors. CD Couplings also feature patented disc design for zero-backlash performance in difficult motion applications. CD Couplings are available in over 70 sizes in single, double flex, stainless steel and many other models plus customs.
  • Control-Flex Couplings that are designed for applications such as encoders where precision feedback devices control system operation. Control-Flex Couplings feature a Control-Flex disc employing a parallel linkage system design. This design minimises reaction forces due to transmission of torque and unavoidable shaft misalignments resulting in smoother, precision system operation. It is available in over 24 sizes in single, double disc and flexible models.
  • Schmidt Couplings that are designed to accommodate either axial, angular or parallel shaft displacements (or all three combined). Within this Schmidt family of couplings are three separate coupling lines which include offset couplings, inline couplings and 5D couplings. These couplings solve problems involving parallel offset shafts, torque rigidity requirements and shaft setups with all possible shaft misalignments. It is available in over 60 sizes with a full range of options and customisations.

Included in each new brochure is complete selection and ordering information. All three coupling lines are now available with configurable 3D CAD downloads. This gives the system designer the ability to select and configure the exact coupling solution (CD, Control-Flex or Schmidt) for a particular application with 3D Partstream.

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