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Single-flex stainless steel couplings

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ZERO-Max CD couplings in single-flex stainless steel models are suitable for use in systems where frequent washdowns are required or harsh environments could corrode the coupling components.

They are made of 300 series stainless steel in sizes 30 to 52. They are suitable for food, dairy and clean room applications. They are available in stainless steel clamp style or with keyway style hubs and have the composite disc design of the original CD coupling.

The disc's open arm design is made of rugged composite material, allowing the stainless steel CD coupling to react to coupling forces with high torsional stiffness. It can also lessen reaction loads and absorb and dampen shock and vibration. The CD coupling combines the features of steel disc and elastomeric couplings, providing high misalignment and greater torque capacity with flexibility and torsional stiffness.

The single-flex stainless steel CD couplings are available with standard delivery in outside diameters of 76.2mm, 95.3mm, 114mm and 133mm, with hubs of either clamp style or keyway style. Bore sizes are available in inch, millimeter, or combinations of each. Other sizes are available on request.

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