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Zeger's 6ka Mini RCBO

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The Zeger mini RCBO had been tested to IEC 61009-1, AS/NZS 61009.1 and obtained Australian approval in October 09. The mini type RCBO is a combination of MCB (minature circuit breaker) and RCD (residual current device) into a single pole MCB case.

Features and advantages include:

  • The 6ka Mini RCBO is able to perform an earth leakage trip in 30mA
  • An over-current tripping mechanism is included in the unit, which is rated from 6, 10, 16,20, 25 and 32A single phase current
  • It is the size which is similar to a normal MCB (minature circuit breaker)
  • An installer can upgrade the protection of the existing MCB to mini RCBO just by replacing it
  • It can  be installed in a 4 pole unit weatherproof enclosure as a safety switch
  • It is economical and easy for installation on domestic and most commercial applications

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