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MI 3110 Eurotest IM instrument with Auto Sequence mode for easy testing

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Zedflo Australia  announces the MI 3110 Eurotest IM, a multifunctional installation safety tester featuring an Auto Sequence mode to allow ease of testing at all operator levels.

Suitable for testing permanent integrated or mobile IT earthing systems with low voltage power supply from generator or transformer, the IT systems safety tester finds versatile application in evaluating the safety and functionality of equipment in various environments while minimising human error.

One single Auto Sequence with programmable limits and sub-tests ensures safety on all PASS barrier parameters.

The MI 3110 Eurotest IM instrument tests the safety and functionality of IT installations in industry, airports, concert halls, fairgrounds and hospitals, ships, mines, portable power generators, construction sites and road maintenance, firefighting mobile equipment, generators and pumps, military vehicles and generators, SAT and radio/TV broadcasting mobile equipment, and police vehicles and generators, as well as the adjustment and calibration of IMD devices.

Key features of MI 3110 Eurotest IM instrument:

  • IT system recognising, voltage range and voltage balance
  • ISFL single fault leakage current from Phase 1 and Phase 2 to PE
  • Fuse trip-out ability evaluation, line impedance and IPSC prospective short circuit current
  • IMD insulation/ ELM earth leakage/ RCM residual current monitor devices control
  • Alarm trigger or trip-out check and adjust


  • IEC/EN 61010 -1; EMC IEC/EN 61326

  • IEC/EN 61557
  • Parts 1 to 7 and 10: Equipment for testing, measuring and monitoring of protective measures
  • Part 8: Insulation monitoring devices for IT systems
  • Part 9: Equipment for insulation fault location for IT systems

  • IEC/EN 60364 - 4 - 41/42/43, Protection for safety
  • IEC/EN 60364-6, Verification, testing and reporting
  • IEC/EN 60364-7, Requirements for special installations or locations
  • IEC / EN 60364-7-717, Mobile and transportable units
  • IEC 60364-7-710, Medical locations and associated areas
  • IEC 61892-6, Mobile and fixed offshore units - Electrical installations, Installation
  • IEC 60364-7-711, Electrical installations in exhibitions, shows, stands, and fun fairs
  • IEC 60364-7-708, Electrical installations in marinas and pleasure crafts

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