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Perimeter surveillance radar systems from ZONE Advanced Protection Systems

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ZONE Advanced Protection Systems  offers perimeter surveillance radar systems which are portable and cost effective systems consisting of one or more remotely stationed radar sensors networked to a central control and display unit.

The perimeter surveillance radar systems, from ZONE Advanced Protection Systems, offer continuous wide area surveillance and gives early warning of intruders. The perimeter surveillance radar systems have minimal false alarm rates and features camera and annunciator integration. The perimeter surveillance radar system can detect personnel, vehicles, watercraft, crawlers and swimmers and guards reservoirs, nuclear facilities and critical infrastructure as well helps in protecting borders and perimeters. The perimeter surveillance radar systems can operate under all climatic conditions and provide round the clock security solutiion.

ZONE Advanced Protection Systems offers a spatial video motion detection system called the Zone IDV Bubble. The video motion detection system is a multi channel video motion detection sensor that can generate, transmit and receive alarms consistently. Video motion detection system is available in two versions which include Video IDV Bubble and Thermal IDV Bubble. The Video IDV Bubble and the Thermal IDV Bubble use standard video cameras and thermal cameras to monitor for zone breaches respectively. Both the video motion detection system consists of 16 video inputs, 32 intrusion zones and up to 48/36 (I/O).

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