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Electronic security systems from ZONE Advanced Protection Systems

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ZONE Advanced Protection Systems  offers electronic security systems that can integrate with digital video recorders, camera controls, access control systems, environmental detectors, underwater sonar detectors, ground radar and other security solutions.

ZONE Advanced Protection Systems supplies electronic security system that is capable of connecting to hundreds of disparate security devices from different vendors and can even integrate to the MSCP as a single management system. The electronic security systems can be used in airports, seaports, border control, industrial facilities, military encampments, petrochemical facilities and infrastructure protection, to name a few applications.

ZONE Advanced Protection Systems distributes passive millimeter wave imaging products for Sago Systems. The passive millimeter wave imaging products are patented cameras that can detect and image contraband such as suicide vests, plastic explosives, knives, metal, ceramic handguns and liquids. The patented cameras are economical, non invasive can be operated with existing security systems.

Zone Advanced Protection Systems distributes radiation detection systems for Polimaster Ltd. Polimaster specialises in designing and manufacturing radiation detection and measurement devices. In addition to supplying electronic security systems, patented cameras and radiation detection systems, Zone Advanced Protection Systems also offers perimeter surveillance radar systems and video motion detection system.

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