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Z Corporation introduces the new zp150

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Whiter whites, richer colors and improved strength are increasing demand for 3D models printed using Z Corporation ’s new zp150 build material. Z Corporation introduced zp150 in June, referring to its brighter whites, improved color and resolution, increased part strength and a new option to cure multicolor models with a spritz of water.

Brighter whites are important for architects, who traditionally prefer white models early in the design process to enable them to consider design, massing and space without the distraction of color. Although earlier-generation bone white models are acceptable, customers have been requesting pure white.

On the other hand, developers prefer multicolor models to enable them to fully grasp the concept behind a proposal and begin selling it while it’s still in development. The improved color saturation in zp150 provides developers with brighter colors across the spectrum. 

The zp150 3D is available through Z Corporation’s worldwide reseller network. It is compatible with the ZPrinter 450 and ZPrinter 650 color 3D printers.

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