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New material extends the capabilities of Z Corporation's multicolor 3D printers

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Z Corporation  has released zp150, a premium composite build material for its ZPrinter 450 and ZPrinter 650 3D printers. zp150 improves the strength and color of 3D printed models for 3D CAD while producing whiter whites for applications such as architectural modeling where true white is the traditional standard.  

Using zp150, water for the first time can be used as the curing agent in finishing multicolor models; ideal for early prototypes and education environments. In addition, the zp150 material improves on Z Corporation’s best-selling composite materials with the following enhancements:

  • 40 percent increase in “green” strength for improved ease of use
  • 40 percent increase in final strength of parts cured with Z-Bond 101
  • Noticeable increase in richness of colors and brightness of whites
  • 100 percent increase in strength of water-cured parts, an easy, clean process that finishes parts with a spritz of water  
“The ability to print small features is very important to us,” says Aaron Brackett, mechanical engineering manager at Enterasys Networks, a leading provider of networking hardware and security software solutions. “zp150 has allowed us to prototype details like heat sink fins and pin connectors more vividly and precisely than ever before with our ZPrinter 450.”  

The new material is the latest industry breakthrough by Z Corporation, maker of the world’s fastest 3D printers and the only ones capable of printing in multiple colors. In addition to hardware, Z Corporation provides powerful software – including its ZEdit Pro 3D printing optimization toolbox – and the broadest range of materials for producing stronger, better-looking, and environmentally friendly parts at the lowest cost in the industry.  

“The new zp150 build material exemplifies our ongoing commitment to improving the 3D printing experience,” said John M. Kawola, Z Corporation CEO. “In many ways these materials create a de facto upgrade in capabilities for existing ZPrinters, enabling users to create even better quality parts without purchasing a new machine.”

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