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Yokogawa releases ROTAMASS LR dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter

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article image ROTAMASS LR dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter
Yokogawa Australia  announces the release of the ROTAMASS LR, one of the world’s smallest dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeters.

Featuring a proven dual bent tube and self-draining design, the ROTAMASS LR Coriolis mass flowmeter represents a significant addition to Yokogawa’s ROTAMASS low flow line product family for gas and liquid flow measurement.

The growing Coriolis flowmeter market is seeing increasing demand for smaller devices with a 2-inch bore diameter or less. There is also a rising demand for low flow measurement solutions that achieve high accuracy and stability.

Since the majority of small Coriolis flowmeters on the market currently use single tube detectors with lower accuracy and stability, Yokogawa developed the low flow Coriolis flowmeters based on its proven dual bent tube detector design to meet the market's need for accurate and stable measurement of fluids at low flow rates.

Key features of ROTAMASS LR dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeters:

  • Measures both liquids and gases with effective turndown no less than 2,000:1 for liquids and 5,000:1 for gases
  • Mass flow measurement range spans from 10.5 g/h up to 40 kg/h
  • Achieves measurement accuracy of ±0.15% for liquids and ±0.5% for gases
  • Dual bent tube design with perfect balance for robust performance
  • Insensitive to fluctuations in ambient temperature, achieving excellent zero stability under changing process conditions
  • Tubes made from C-22 alloy, which is less susceptible to thermal expansion
  • Unique inline temperature sensor ensures exact measurements in process temperatures ranging from -50ºC to +150ºC
  • Robust gas-tight, all stainless steel housing can handle pressures up to 65 bar
  • Can be used in high pressure applications up to 400 bar
  • Available with a huge variety of welded process connections to minimise leaks
  • Insulation and heating jacket options prevent fluid component separation and gas condensation
According to John Hewitt, Managing Director of Yokogawa Australia and New Zealand, the new ROTAMASS LR gives customers wider choice in multi variable process measurement, allowing for greater accuracy and steady measurement in their utilisation.

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