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Yokogawa process control instruments for New Zealand Dairies project

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article image Studholme dairy facility - Users of Yokogawa process control instruments

When engineering and execution company International Process Systems was selected to design and construct a new dairy facility in Studholme, South Canterbury, Yokogawa New Zealand was chosen for process control instrumentation.

The New Zealand Dairies (NZDL) project required a full turnkey operation.

The role of International Process Systems’ (IPS) was to select and assemble a building team, formulate a process design, select suppliers and design services and finally construct the new facility – all in under 11months. It was also essential that IPS selected a supplier base that could supply for the project and support it in the future.

The initial production is around 70,000 litres per day, rising to 850,000 litres per day in the near future. When fully operational the dairy will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

In addition to processing fresh milk, the factory will also produce specialised milk powders and infant formula for export.

The new dairy is thought to have created more than 100 jobs – up to 80 at the site itself, and another 20 estimated in local companies supplying services and trades to the factory

The new plant’s milk processing capacity is 120 thousand tonnes per year. It will produce 18 thousand tonnes of milk powder per year, as well as grown up milk base and infant formula base to be sold in South-East Asian markets.

Stage two of the development, which would add a third, larger milk drier, will be completed by August 2008. At that time, intake would start at 140,000 litres per day, rising to 1.5 million litres per day at its peak.

“Part of the NZDL project required a complete solution for integrating the electrical, automation and instrumentation system,” said Robert Gifford, IPS managing director.

“As NZDL is a single site company, Yokogawa New Zealand (YNZ) was chosen based on their proven track record of reliability and after sales support.”

IPS also maintains that the need for commonality of equipment throughout the plant was also essential, as the project covered full site services, processing and warehousing.

“Of course price was a major factor,” added Mr Gifford. “But more importantly YNZ can offer NZDL local technical support and they worked to fit in with our other suppliers.”

Including a full range of instrumentation for all site services and processing instrumentation covering temperature, pressure, flow and mass flow instruments, the NZDL project consisted of 16 x ICS40G inductivity probes, 16 x ISC450G inductive conductivity transmitters, 1 x SC4A conductivity probe, 1 x SC450G conductivity transmitter, 9 x ROTAMASS (remote type), 17 x AXF magnetic flow meters (integral type), 75 x EJA pressure transmitters and other third party items.

“We are one of the major suppliers of process control instruments to the New Zealand dairy industry,” said Steve Poole, YNZ Christchurch regional manager.

“The NZDL project was one of the largest orders for PCI product since Yokogawa began operations in New Zealand in 2000 and provides an even greater installed base on the South Island.”

Timing and delivery of the plant was always crucial. IPS was thoroughly impressed by the performance and reliability of YNZ’s equipment and service.

“The installation of YNZ’s equipment ran very smoothly,” added IPS’ Robert Gifford. “From a company like YNZ, you shouldn’t expect anything less. They performed as one would expect from a multinational at the top of their field”

According to Robert Gifford, maintaining a long-term relationship with any supplier is critical in a successful operation as well as ensuring that the plant is supported with spares and technical advice.

“Single site companies face a huge risk should customer breakdowns occur,” he said. “The support from Yokogawa in being able to respond and assist when breakdowns occur is instrumental in maintaining profits and ensuring continual plant operation.”

Yokogawa’s Steve Poole said that his company’s international profile is a good fit with IPS workload and location of projects.

“Our relationship can only improve as IPS looks to utilise other aspects of Yokogawa operations into their projects,” he added. “YNZ is looking forward to continuing the relationship with IPS and providing full support to the NZDL plant.”

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