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Yokogawa enhances Stardom controllers

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YOKOGAWA Electric Corporation has upgraded the autonomous controllers for its Stardom network-based control system. It is made up of control, operation, and monitoring components that can be interconnected using commercial networking technology. Yokogawa Australia Pty Ltd is the local wholly-owned affiliate of Yokogawa, responsible for sales, implementation and support for all Yokogawa products in Australia.

The Stardom system has both the reliability and support functions of distributed control systems (DCSs) and the openness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of systems that combine PCs, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other devices. It is a core building block of Yokogawa's VigilantPlant solutions.

In line with Yokogawa's commitment to steadily introduce new functions and improve reliability, the company continues to regularly enhance Stardom, with the aim of increasing the product’s range of applications and expand the company’s business.

Development Background

According to Yokogawa, an increasing number of industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and upstream oil and gas, are introducing mainly small and medium-scale programmable logic controller (PLC)-based control systems. Continuous processes (such as liquid processing) and discrete processes (such as assembly and machining) coexist in these fields.

While PLC systems can bring initial cost benefits, they often lack the necessary capacity and can be unreliable. Demand is therefore growing for a low-cost monitoring and control system solution that is highly reliable, can handle significant amounts of data and is compatible with a wide range of networks. The Stardom network-based control system is intended to address these user needs.

Overview of functional enhancements

Stardom provides increased processing speed - program processing is 1.5 times faster. Consequently, it is now possible to introduce the autonomous controllers to processes such as compressor control that require high reliability and fast response. Also, the CPU-to-CPU equalisation processing for redundancy is 20 times faster, so it is now possible to replace and repair one of the CPU boards in the redundant CPU configuration while the plant is still in operation.

Yokogawa has released six new Hart-compliant I/O modules. Since many field devices in general use employ the Hart protocol, Hart-compliant I/O modules have been added to the product lineup.

Stardom’s online download function makes it possible to download controller modules and update control programs from a pc to the Stardom controller without taking the plant offline.

Benefits include:

* Low initial cost

* Application flexibility

* Central monitoring of distributed operations

* Reliability.

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