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Yokogawa SL1000 PC-based data-acquisition system available with new software

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article image Yokogawa’s SL1000 high speed data acquisition unit

New acquisition and utility software has been introduced to add additional functionality and ease of use to the Yokogawa SL1000 PC-based data-acquisition system, available from Yokogawa Australia . Extra functionality provided by the software includes the ability to link and synchronise multiple SL1000 units, new triggering and display capabilities, support for the Windows Vista operating system, waveform interpolation and CSV file conversion. In addition, a number of enhancements to the set-up, display and measurement operations have increased user friendliness.

The feature of the new software is the ability to interconnect and synchronise up to eight SL1000 units, allowing simultaneous measurements on up to 128 channels. In such a configuration, one unit is allocated as the master for controlling functions such as start/stop, triggering and alarms.

The software also includes file transfer functions and other utilities, which can ease the handling and merging of measurement files from multiple synchronised units. The user friendliness of the SL1000 has been increased by providing improved features such as scaling, icons, trigger adjustment, measurement settings and display modes.

The Yokogawa SL1000 is a PC-based data-acquisition unit designed to provide high-speed data logging and fast data transfer in electro-mechanical and power measurement applications. Featuring 100MS/s sampling on 16-channels and isolated inputs for high-voltage measurements, the SL1000 is also equipped as standard with intuitive, easy-to-use logging and control software for quick start and set-up.

The ability of the SL1000 to deliver independent, isolated-channel hardware at 100MS/s per channel rates, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or streaming performance, makes it superior to high-speed digitisers that lack the isolation, attenuation, or bit resolution necessary for power electronics testing. It also offers benefits over PC-based platforms with fast streaming throughput, which sacrifice noise immunity, signal conditioning and hardware integrity.

In addition to its high-speed acquisition, the SL1000 will transfer data to a PC or record to its internal hard drive at rates up to 1.6MS/s (3.2Mb/s). Data transfer is through USB 2.0 or 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet. A stand-alone mode also allows data logging without a PC.

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