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User-friendly clamp-on power meter

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article image Yokogowa’s low-cost clamp-on power meter.

YOKOGAWA has developed the CW120 series low-cost clamp-on power meter designed to meet the need for simple tools capable of measuring power values and instantaneous values.

With support for a variety of connection types - 2-wire to 3-phase/3-wire or 2-wire to 3-phase/4-wire, up to 495V per phase - plus a comprehensive range of current clamps from 50A FS to 3000A FS, the CW120 can be used for many energy monitoring and logging applications.

The CW120 works even with very small electric energy values; users can easily change the decimal point position and display units - Wh, kWh, MWh, GWh - on its large backlit LCD.

Data can be saved at one second intervals. This capability allows the CW120 to respond quickly to load fluctuations and measure transient responses in equipment.

Having support for large capacity flash ATA memory cards, measurements can be taken by the CW120 for extended time periods. For example, with a 3-phase/4-wire connection, data can be saved at 30 minute intervals for one year using a 16MB card. Memory cards with up to 128MB can be used.

The CW120's Windows-based software package, Toolbox, allows the user to set basic functions needed for measurement such as start/stop time, date, wiring method, clamp type, voltage and current ranges, etc.

The software also enables stored data to be transferred to a PC via the unit's RS232-C port and opened in Microsoft Excel for analysis and charting. The same port can also be used to connect a printer for printing of measured data.

A wiring check function that determines presence or absence of power input, frequency measurement range, voltage phase sequence, current clamp orientation helps ensure that measurement operations do not fail.

Multiple CW120 units can start and stop integration simultaneously through externally controlled I/O. And, with the optional RS485 port, multiple CW120s can be connected for remote monitoring.

With all these features, the CW120 is very simple to set-up and use. It is compact in size, making it suitable for location inside cubicles and distribution panels. Installation is even easier with the optional magnetic case.

It is supplied in a carrying case that houses the main unit, voltage leads, current clamps and other accessories. Yokogawa Australia 02 9805 0699.

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