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article image Precise control with no process overshoot.

YOKOGAWA Australia has announced the addition of the UT351 temperature controller to its Green Series temperature controller range.

From its original release in 1996, Yokogawa's Green Series controllers has been acclaimed for its ability to deliver precise control in the face of challenging control dynamics.

Yokogawa's SUPER functions deliver precise control with no process overshoot or hunting.

OEMs requiring excellent PID execution in a reliable package have consistently chosen the Green Series. End-user customers needing simplicity and flexibility found the Green Series models that fit their needs.

The new UT351 digital indicating controller with the active colour PV display allows the controller to change the colour of the PV display from green-to-red or from red-to-green based on the status of certain process conditions.

The following conditions cause the colour of the PV display to change colour:

* The condition of the standard alarms will trigger a change in the active colour display automatically.

* The deviation of the PV from SP will trigger the active colour display.

* The user can select between a constant green or red PV display.

The UT351 is suitable for heat treat and temperature control applications, such as:

* Industrial furnaces using zone control configurations - easy to see which zone is out of range or in alarm.

* Injection molding and applications needing barrel temperature control.

* Air conditioning - panels where alarm indicator lights are mounted next to the controller.

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