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Oscilloscope combines 8 analogue, 16-bit logic input

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YOKOGAWA Electric has developed the DL7400 series of digital oscilloscopes.

The series features a mixed-signal multichannel capability which combines eight analogue input channels with a 16-bit logic input channel, while simultaneously achieving a maximum sampling rate of 2GS/sec, a bandwidth of 500MHz, and a maximum memory capacity of 16 megawords.

Electronic circuits have become increasingly faster these days, leading to the demand for observing logic signals not only as a sequence of logical high and low states, but also as waveforms.

Since logic control has become popular, it is now necessary to observe mixed-signal waveforms from both high-speed analogue and control logic signals.

Additionally, to control costs and improve R&D efficiency, there is a growing demand for a single instrument which can make multi-channel observations.

As logic signals used in the control systems of audiovisual products and PC peripherals are becoming faster, user demands for higher speed sampling are intensifying.

Accordingly, the value of long record length memory is being highly recognized in the market. The reason for this recognition is not limited to long-time measurement, however. Long record length memory is very useful for capturing fixed-timeframe measurement at higher sampling rates.

In order to support these market trends, the DL7400 series of digital oscilloscopes has the ability to simultaneously observe signals of up to 24 points of measurement through the combination of eight analogue input and 16-bit logic input channels.

The 16-megaword, long-record-length memory allows users to closely observe data acquired over a long period of time.

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