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The AQ2200 optical testing platform, available from Yokogawa Australia  is the ideal system for measuring and evaluating a wide range of optical devices and optical transmitters. Central to these systems are the AQ2211 and AQ2212 frame controllers that incorporate a variety of measurement functions and applications. Users can store the information gathered to a USB memory device without connecting an external controller PC.

Alternatively, remote monitoring and measurement is available via the included USB, Ethernet or GP-IB ports. A macro programming function allows users to build up auto-measurements systems, available for call up at any time. Remote viewer software for controlling frames and modules is included. Up to five users can connect to the frame controller simultaneously, each able to control separate modules. 

A variety of measurement modules are on offer for the optical testing platform are available, including:

  • High-stability light sources
  • Wideband tunable light sources
  • High-speed optical sensors with low PDL
  • High-resolution variable optical attenuators
  • 10 Gbit BERT• various switch modules
  • An optical return loss module
  • An optical receiver supporting two wavelengths

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