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article image Yokogawa’s Stardom control system.

YOKOGAWA Electric has launched its new network-based control system (NCS), Stardom, a new and unique concept of industrial automation systems, featuring open-architecture networking of various distributed devices.

The Stardom network-based control system (NCS) is a series of products that in combination form an NCS. An NCS allows users to choose the optimum components for an application from the provided components grouped by function, such as those for control, operations, or monitoring, and link them using leading-edge network technologies.

This allows the use of COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) components wherever possible, and thus offers the configuration of an open and efficient industrial automation system with flexible expandability and upgradability.

Stardom NCS incorporates:

· Highly reliable controllers performing autonomous control as the core of a system;

· Integrated and scalable control, operation, and monitoring software featuring web-based human interface functionality with the autonomous controllers, via high-speed connections to the Internet to build a system;

· Application Portfolios that enable effortless implementation of advanced functions and users to apply their intellectual property in a secure manner.

Stardom allows decentralisation and autonomy of control functions, integration of data, messages, and events, and features a web-based human interface based on internet technologies.

Yokogawa intends to lead the industrial automation systems market with Stardom complementing its current distributed control systems (DCSs).

To survive intensifying global competition, Yokogowa says, it has become a crucial task for manufacturing industry to build production systems that can meet the requirements of lower costs and quicker response to ever-changing demands.

In line with this, Yokogawa has been striving to strengthen the link of its DCS with the production management systems and to network field connections.

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