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MW100’s smart logging - any time, any place

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article image Can be connected to multiple PCs at the same time.

YOKOGAWA'S MW100 is a scalable, high performance data acquisition and data-logging platform designed for both PC-controlled and stand-alone operation under harsh conditions. The MW100 is a system for any time and any place, with a wide range of environmental operating conditions, optional dc power, supply of a variety of network functions and reinforced insulation between channels and case.

An open Ethernet connectivity with web-based configuration and data monitoring functions allow MW100 to handle a wide range of monitoring and historical logging functions. Users of the MW100 can view real time trends with a web browser from any PC without the need for special software. A full range of input/output modules handle just about any process or signal inputs with fast measurement speed and high noise immunity for rock-solid performance.

An MW100 measuring system is comprised of three elements: the MW100 main module, MX series input/output modules and the MX150 series base plate. The system can be bench mounted as is or DIN rail mounted for rack or panel installations. A DIN rail-mounting bracket is included with the MX150. The MX series input modules comprise high and medium speed universal types for dc volts, thermocouples, current loops, 3 and 4- wire RTDs, strain and digital input modules. There also output modules for analoge, digital and PWM outputs.

A large data acquisition system of up to 360 channels can be assembled using multiple MW100s and standard MODBUS TCP Ethernet communications. When equipped with the /M1 maths option, the MW100 can acquire up to 300 channels of external data from additional MW100 units or other devices such as a PLC using MODBUS TCP communications. This provides a total system capacity of 360 channels (60 built-in measure channels plus 300 external).

The MW100 can be connected to multiple PCs at the same time allowing monitoring and sharing of measured data by multiple users. A login function is included to enable assigning of access rights.

When the measurement location is located remotely from the data monitoring station, a dial up phone connection function of the MW100 can be used for communications. All MW100 web browser-based data monitoring and FTP functions can be used via this connection for remote data acquisition applications. Moreover, there is an email function built-in to allow the sending of alarm, timing and error information.

The MW100 enables mixing of three different measurement intervals in a single unit. Measurement intervals can be set for each individual module, up to as fast as 10ms. This allows users to measure various items under test at the most appropriate measurement intervals. Also data recording conditions for each measurement interval can be set, thereby using the available space on the CF card as efficiently as possible.

The MW100 is equipped with built-in trigger functions. Data recording can be started based on alarm values, time, external contact input, or other parameters. Once recording is started, it can be set to progress continuously or according to a specified data length. When specifying a data length, a pre-trigger can also be set.

The MW100 also provides a data thinning function allowing portions of measured data to be omitted at regular intervals during measurement (minimum of four seconds) before data is recorded. Using the trigger and data thinning functions together provides ‘coarse’ recording of general data and ‘fine’ recording of abnormal data.

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