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article image Long-memory digital oscilliscopes.

YOKOGAWA Australia has released the DL1700E series of digital oscilloscopes.

The DL1700E is the newest entry into Yokogawa's DL family of long memory digital scopes. The instruments have 500MHz bandwidth, two or four channels, can sample as fast as 1GS/s, and have up to 8MWord of memory a channel.

It is designed to offer long memory, all-points display and fast acquisition/update rates in a single instrument. Scopes with long memory allow users to capture data over longer periods of time while maintaining sufficiently fast sample rates to capture fast events.

Despite the long memory and all-points display, the DL1700E guarantees acquisition/update rates of 30 times a second for a 1 MWord a channel acquisition. If faster acquisitions are required, the instrument can be operated in single(n) acquisition mode. In this mode, n acquisitions are captured as quickly as possible and any extraneous calculations are delayed until the acquisition is completed.

The DL1700E has the ability to view and analyse previously acquired waveforms using the history memory feature. This feature allows users to quickly find previously acquired waveforms that meet (or fail to meet) user-defined conditions. This helps engineers quickly find events that may only happen once or twice in thousands of measurements.

The DL1700E makes it easy to remotely control the instrument and transfer data to a PC. The instrument can be controlled from any network connection using the built-in web server and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connector. Alternatively the instrument can be controlled with a direct connection to a PC via USB or GP-IB. Using the built-in FTP client/server function, the DL1700E can save data directly to a PC or network drive. The DL1700E supports USB storage media and offers either a floppy disk drive or a Type II PCMCIA card drive for removable storage media.

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