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Digital oscilloscope and chart recorder all in one

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article image The DL750P features a wide range of trigger functions.

YOKOGAWA'S new DL750P integrates the functions of a digital oscilloscope and chart recorder in one unit. Based on Yokogawa's award-winning DL750, the new DL750P features 16 fully isolated analog plus 16 logic inputs and a choice of 13 different input modules that can be mixed for various applications plus a new, built-in wide A4 thermal printer.

The DL750P includes the popular electronic recording functions of the DL750 including the GigaZoom, Dual Capture function and massive 1GW recording and also enables easy-to-use high-resolution output on A4 size thermal chart paper (210mm width).

The DL750P is suitable for customers looking for both an electronic data recorder and a chart recorder. There is also a ‘recorder’ menu that allows customers who are accustomed to using dedicated chart recorders to be able to easily operate the DL750P. First-time users will appreciate the easy-to-access chart speed, record length and other settings.

During real-time printing, the DL750P also stores the waveforms to memory in the background so that when measurement is completed users are able to check results immediately while on site, view multi-channel data in high resolution and choose which data and in what format to print.

As much as 1GWord of memory can be installed in the DL750P to allow accurate capture of complex signals or long waveforms. The GigaZoom function allows instant display on its 10.4 inch colour TFT screen, of up to 1GWord of data and Zoom windows at the same time. Users can print any length of the zoomed waveforms in high resolution and it can even emulate an X-Y recorder and print A4 size plots.

During durability testing, it is necessary to monitor the long term trends as well as capture the high speed transients that might occur. The DL750P offers a Dual Capture function to meet this requirement. By using this function, trend data can be recorded with a slow sampling speed and still be able to capture the transient phenomena with a faster sampling speed.

The DL750P's high wide range of trigger functions is useful for obtaining stable observations of a variety of different waveforms. The GUI menu makes setting of trigger conditions easy and intuitive. In addition to the normal and enhanced triggers, the Wave Window trigger allows observation of power supply waveforms - the trigger activates when a signal exceeds allowable values determined by comparing with a defined waveform in real time. In this way, users can detect voltage sags, surges outages and frequency disturbances.

Occasionally users may capture an abnormal waveform then have it quickly disappear from the screen. The DL750P also has a history memory feature designed for such situations. It can automatically store up to 2000 previously captured waveforms (FIFO) that can be scrolled and recalled for viewing. Also, the voice memo function can record a voice while simultaneously recording waveforms or users can record an explanatory comment along with image files.

The two channel input modules include types for voltage, high speed, high resolution, isolated high voltage, temperature, strain, acceleration, frequency and two types of universal input modules combining voltage and temperature in a single unit, one with anti-aliasing filters.

In addition to the basic arithmetic and FFT functions, the DL750P has a powerful user-defined maths package, which can be installed for more complex calculations. It has complete connectivity with ports for USB, Ethernet, GP-IB, RS-232C, SCSI and a choice of floppy disk drive or PC card memory plus an optional 30GB internal HDD.

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