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article image DAQSTATION CX data acquisition control station.

YOKOGAWA Australia has announced two new DAQSTATION models for water treatment, thermal processing, food and beverage, and manufacturing applications.

The DAQSTATION CX is a data acquisition control station featuring an "out-of-the-box, ready-to-go" design with embedded PID controls, a standard Ethernet interface supporting TCP/IP and FTP protocols, plus built-in web server and email messaging functions.

The DAQSTATION CX features include a variety of screens, such as faceplates and tuning screens, for system operation and monitoring.

The trending and recording functions make it simple to log data for management purposes such as quality control.

The pre-built screen combined with the built-in serial interface to external controllers makes it easy for the operator to monitor and vary parameters such as set points, output modes, alarm points, and tuning parameters.

The embedded control loops in the CX enable the user to perform a variety of control algorithms such as single, cascaded, and PV switching with program profile. Combining these features minimises panel space, wiring, and cost.

The CX1000 features a high resolution, 5.5 inch colour TFT display, with up to six universal inputs, two embedded control loops, and built-in serial interface to four external controllers.

The larger CX2000 utilizes a 10.4 inch display, up to 20 universal inputs, six embedded control loops, and built-in serial interface to 16 external controllers.

Each embedded control module is provided with universal control outputs and DIO terminals for two control loops. Additional DIO extension modules are also available.

Standard on-board data storage choices are 1.44MB floppy disc, 100MB Zip drive, or 160MB ATA PCMCIA memory card for both models.

CX1000 and CX2000 share the same advanced networking features with other DAQSTATION models, including FTP client mode that allows automatic batch record archiving to a designated network FTP Server.

The web server function allows a standard PC web browser to display DAQSTATION screen images with a 30 second update (refresh) rate on any PC with internet access.

With a web browser, users can view all data display screens, as well as alarm summary, instantaneous channels overview, and system status log display information.

Because this is a read-only operation, it is not possible to remotely access and alter any CX1000/CX2000 settings or records.

CX1000 and CX2000 can also send an internet SMTP email message and reports to designated recipients, triggered by alarms, power failures, and other system events.

DAQSTATION CX1000 and CX2000 with Ethernet FTP, web and email support, provides secure electronic record keeping.

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