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EVALUATING the physical layer in the controller area network (CAN) bus widely used for automotive, factory automation and other applications is essential to analysing communication failures that may occur.

The CAN bus signal analyser captures and analyses the waveforms of bus signals that previously proved difficult with conventional protocol analysers.

The analyser comprises the Yokogawa DL7200 multichannel digital oscilloscope with four analog channels and 16-bit logic input channel (optional) as its base unit.

Users can analyse the CAN bus in synchronisation not only with its signal but also with other signals, such as a signal from a sensor or a control signal sent to a module.

Using this feature along with the CAN bus trigger and analysis functions, users can efficiently evaluate and debug the overall range of a system.

The analysis functions analyse waveform data existing on the CAN bus and acquired into long-record-length memory with a maximum of 16 megawords (MW) in a time-series manner.

The functions then list the results of analysing the ID and data field codes and examining the presence/absence of ACK field codes, along with the waveform data.

A frame waveform corresponding to the one selected by the cursor on the list automatically appears in the Zoom window. This feature enables users to observe the bus signal while concurrently viewing the analysis results.

Thus, users can easily verify how noise or level fluctuations affect the communication data and carry out debugging work very efficiently.

In the detailed view mode, users can view the type of frame, the time interval from the point of triggering to the start of the frame, and CRC data, along with error information.

Users can set two threshold levels, upper and lower, in order to judge the state of each bit. This feature lets users analyse indefinite states.

The data search function makes a high-speed search of all the frames users acquired for a frame containing the specified ID field, data field, and ACK field codes. This function can also search for error frames.

A magnified view of the frame found is shown in the zoom window. This function can also search for a frame containing an indefinite state.

Even for frames comprising no less than 100 bits, there is a field jump function that automatically finds the starting point of a data or control field and shows it in the zoom window. Yokogawa 02 9805 0699.

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