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Additional modules for digital ScopeCorder

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YOKOGAWA has introduced two new modules for its modular DL750 digital ScopeCorder. The new modules are designed to add additional capabilities to the ScopeCorder, especially for automotive, motor, power supply, robotic and other electro-mechanical-type applications.

The frequency and acceleration/voltage modules add to the existing family of seven other modules and can be mixed in any configuration using the DL750's eight available module slots.

The high speed frequency module (model 701280) has two isolated 16-bit channels. Each channel is independent and updates at 25kHz, works with signals that have frequencies between 0.01Hz and 200kHz, offers nine measurement modes and directly records and displays data in desired units, without requiring conversion or re-scaling of data.

Each measurement mode directly records and displays data in the following units and has the following measurement range:

* Frequency (Hz): 0.01 - 200kHz.

* Period (seconds): 5 us - 50sec.

* RPM (rotations per minute): 0.01 - 100,000rpm.

* RPS (rotations per second): 0.001 - 2000rps.

* Duty (%): 0 - 100%.

* Pulse width (seconds): 2μs - 50s.

* Power supply frequency (Hz): 50, 60 and 400Hz ±20Hz

* Pulse integration (distance/quantity of flow): counts up to 2x109 times user-definable distance units.

* Velocity (km/h, mph): 0.01 - 200kHz rotation speeds times user-definable distance units.

The 701280 frequency module also offers four different input lowpass filters (100Hz - 100kHz) and two types of realtime digital filters that can be used for waveform smoothing and pulse averaging.

The acceleration/voltage module (model 701275) has two isolated 16-bit channels. Each channel is independent and accepts both acceleration and voltage inputs, has a built-in anti-aliasing filter, samples up to 100kSample/sec, and has a 40kHz bandwidth.

This module supports built-in type acceleration sensors (4mA, 22V), and by use of a charge converter, also supports high-impedance acceleration sensors.

Applications for this module include acceleration, vibration, shock and voltage measurements.

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