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Crosslands Innovation from Yanmar Soil Australia leads companies with dust control initiative

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Crosslands Resources Limited (Crosslands) is pleased to report the successful implementation of an innovative system that has enhanced environmental protection measures and improved safety across all Crosslands’ iron ore operations in the midwest region of Western Australia. Crosslands has adopted the use of a biodegradable product known as Soiltac, which stabilises soil, improving operational safety, reducing erosion, and suppressing dust.

Other resource companies are now trialling the soil stabilising products after the successful implementation at Crosslands’ Jack Hills mine site, Cuddingwarra stockpile (north of Cue) and storage and loading facilities at the port of Geraldton. Soiltac soil stabiliers have traditionally been applied using water cannons or dribble bars and was originally developed for the US military. However, Crosslands is the first company in Australia to use the bonding liquid at the source of dust generation. A Western Australian company were commissioned to design and construct portable automated dosing units, which mix and apply the product, based on varying crusher throughput.

Crosslands is able to coat its product at the source at Jack Hills, which eliminates the generation of dust throughout the entire materials handling chain. Crosslands has used the soil stabilisers without incident across all operations since commencing trials in November 2008. The successful application includes iron ore stockpiles, crusher cone stacks and roads used for access and haulage at Crosslands’ Jack Hills mine site.

Crosslands Chief Executive Officer Stuart Hall said the company’s innovative implementation of such a beneficial product highlighted what could be achieved within a sensitive environment through the development of constructive and creative partnerships. “Using Yanmar Soils’ product and the innovative dosing unit design, Crosslands, our employees, contractors, the communities and the natural environment surrounding our operations have all benefited from our unique use of this product,” he said. “Our road transport contractor, Mitchell West, and site personnel noticed immediate improvements which have been sustained over the 12 months of operation of this system. In particular we receive frequent comment from visitors to the crushing and processing area at site as to how low dust levels are,” he said.

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