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Yale launches two galvanised trucks for harsh environments

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Yale Asia Pacific has just launched two galvanised trucks designed for optimum results in corrosive or sensitive work environments such as food processing, pickling, tanning and those with salty conditions.

Yale’s purpose-built units are one of the first of their kind in the Australian market. They were developed as current competitor offerings often do not withstand harsh, corrosive environments common in many industries such as food processing

The new models MPE060 and MPE080 boast standard construction designed for use in operating temperatures from zero degrees Celsius to almost 50 degrees Celsius.

Yale also provides three optional packages that include a Cooler/Freezer Package and a Subzero Freezer Package and the Heavy Corrosion/Wash Down package, optional on the MPE-080 model only, that includes a completely galvanised frame, lift linkage, battery well and fork weldment. The galvanisation process makes these components rust and corrosion resistant. In addition, the controller is enclosed and sealed to protect it from water during the wash down process.

According to Yale, its new pallet truck models have lower cost maintenance and operation by eliminating the need for accelerated painting schedules in these tough environments.

They also include Yale’s high-performance AC traction motor and exclusive power assist steer option, making them in a class of its own. In addition, the controller is enclosed and sealed to protect it from water during the wash down process.

Yale’s new galvanised trucks are able to achieve well in corrosion resistance due to a range of features including:

  • Completely galvanised chassis, fork frame and lift linkage
  • Enclosed traction/hoist control
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters on applicable switches
  • Sealed control handle switches
  • Sealed load wheel bearings
  • Synthetic grease
  • Premium performance anti-wear hydraulic oil
  • Dielectric grease at all wire harness connections

Benefits of the features:

  • AC power, high performance AC traction motor sealed with a stationery mount design
  • Power assist steering, assists steering effort by 90%
  • Four operation selectablesmModes, helps customise truck performance, based on application
  • Pick Assist/
  • Coast control, increased the order picking rates with coast and jog functions
  • Single, double and triple for lengths, for long runs requiring greater throughout
  • Ergonomic design, wrap-around handle, large operator platform and padded handrail
  • CANbus system streamlines electrical communications

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