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VeracitorTM VX series from Yale Asia–Pacific

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After $180 million dollars in R&D, the launch of the new VeracitorTM VX series by Yale Asia-Pacific is revolutionising the highly competitive lift truck market.

Achieving lower operating costs, improved serviceability and easier periodic maintenance were paramount in the design and development of the range.

The Veracitor VX’s new state-of-the-art design has been developed to address over 70% of unscheduled maintenance associated with four critical truck systems: electrical, hydraulics, cooling and transmission maintenance.

According to Yale, the Veracitor’s improved ergonomics and comfort have resulted in reduced operator fatigue and simplified operation helping to maximise productivity over long shifts, resulting in 30% less down time compared to competitors’ products.

A first for the Asia-Pacific lift truck industry, Yale’s achieves world-class reliability is achieved in four key areas.

1. (ADS) Auto-deceleration System - reduces brake usage and extends brake life by up to 60%, leading to fewer brake shoe replacements and lower service costs. Features include a new robust clutch pack, which lasts three times longer than normal clutch systems, saving time and money. Wear on tyres is reduced by up to 50% per cent and fuel usage is also reduced.

2. (CSE) Continuous Stability Enhancement - ensures lateral stability is improved and driver confidence boosted. With CSE’s simple mechanical operation, trucks can operate on uneven surfaces with a high degree of lateral stability. The system requires no maintenance and little repair, as it has no wires, sensors, cylinders, hydraulic tubes or hoses. Further cost savings are achievable, as there is no greasing compared with other systems on the market, which require regular maintenance every 40 hours.

3. (CPR) Controlled Power Reversal - facilitates smooth direction changes without shocks, virtually eliminating tyre spin and prolonging tyre life. In turn it provides long-term durability of truck transmission and improved fuel economy.

4. Intellix VSMTM Vehicle System Manager - a diagnostic computer that monitors all key functions to optimise performance and protect the truck, thus increasing efficiency by maximising uptime.

As with all Yale lift trucks, customers are assured expert service, and parts advice and availability.

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