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Imaging of non-process UV-sensitive plates

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BASYSPRINT, the Punch Graphix brand for Computer-to-Plate using UV-Sensitive plates, has successfully engaged tests on processless UV-sensitive plates.

Although tests at selected customers are ongoing, the results look promising and the commercial availability is foreseen for early 2007.

With this step, BasysPrint is preparing to expand its product offering with the latest of technologies.

Imaging plates that require little or no post-imaging treatment can in some cases be of great advantage to printers, since it reduces not only the cost of chemistry, but also eliminates some of the process variables involved with such stages.

The non-process plates that are imaged on the BasysPrint UV-Setter are negative working aluminium plates using a polymer coating sensitive to UV visible light energy.

Just like any negative conventional plate, the coating cross-links in reaction to the UV light emitted from the BasysPrint imaging head.

After imaging, the plate is mounted directly onto the press. Once on the press, the ink together with the paper, will remove the non-exposed parts and after 5 to 10 rotations, the plates will run free.

For the supply of the non-process UV-sensitive plates, Punch Graphix is working closely together with a third party technology provider with a long and respectable history in plate supply.

If desired, printers that invest in a BasysPrint system today will be able to switch over in the future from chemically processed plates to non-process plates without change to the CtP hardware.

Xeikon represents Punch Graphix in Australia.

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