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Fourth BasysPrint UV-Setter for E-print.com.hk

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E-print.com.hk is a four-year-old, fast growing print shop in Hong Kong.

The company has been working with CtP for UV-sensitive plates since 2003.

Due to their increasing production they have acquired an additional BasysPrint UV-Setter for 8-up plate production every year since 2003. They recently signed for their fourth system, an UV-Setter 742.

E-print.com.hk has a monthly plate production of 10,000m² for the printing of business cards, booklets and brochures.

They are using four new printing machines from Heidelberg, including a CD 102-4 and SM 74-4.

When they where looking for a CtP-system the decision came very quickly. Initially their dealer, ACME introduced them to the BasysPrint system and they liked the idea of continuing to use UV-sensitive plates.

Due to E-print.com.hk’s high plate volume they save a considerable amount per month compared to the laser based CtP systems, because of the lower price of UV-sensitive plates.

E-print.com.hk uses a Harlequin Navigator RIP as well as an own, in-house created workflow solution.

The company says that the UV-Setters are very stable and the maintenance very low. They are also satisfied with the ease of handling of the plates.

Punch Graphix, represented by Xeikon in Australia and New Zealand, is the only manufacturer producing platesetting equipment which starts with the 4-up format and continues right through to the VLF sizes for 70-up.

The BasysPrint UV-Setter exposes UV-sensitive plates digitally. This guarantees not only high processing stability with long runs but also provides the best return on investment.

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