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BPMG selects BasysPrint UV-Setter

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BPMG Limited has become the latest UK print company to appreciate the significant savings and excellent quality that can be produced by employing the UV plate exposure technology of BasysPrint, the Punch Graphix brand for pre-press solutions.

BPMG purchased the B1 format UV-Setter 743 following detailed cost calculations produced by directors David Slade, Ian Budd, and John Priest.

They looked at all of the cost factors for producing BPMG’s minimum consumption of 800 plates per month over a three year period.

Once they had completed the calculations, the final decision was to select the BasysPrint solution, which provides great cost savings compared to their previous plate production methods.

BPMG’s actual consumption will exceed their past production of plates thus bringing even greater savings.

The savings offered by the BasysPrint UV-Setter will continue with street plate prices for conventional UV consumables only half that of the equivalent format thermal or violet sensitive plates.

Quality, of course, was also an important issue for BPMG. They had plate samples produced by all of the potential suppliers. The quality produced on the BasysPrint solution was noticeably better than the product created on the violet laser machines.

There was not any significant difference in quality between the UV-Setter's plates and the thermal plates.

The UV-Setter 743 is now in full production at the Aylesbury company's site, producing plates for its MAN Roland 705 press and also creating B2 and B3 format plates for other nearby printers as a trade service.

Sales executives from the competing product suppliers argued that UV plates may not be available in just a few years time. This argument loses its credibility when at least two-thirds of current worldwide plate production is focused on conventional plates.

This seems unlikely to change for a number of years yet - particularly as production is not solely in the hands of the "big-three" plate manufacturers.

Some in the industry have been quick to forget how easy UV plates are to handle. At BPMG, plates are stored and loaded in daylight conditions - there is absolutely no need for any special lighting or a darkroom environment - with punch pins holding the plate into a precise position.

The 743 then feeds an exposed B1 plate directly into a conventional plate processor.

Higher speed versions of the UV-Setter Series 7 are available, but the 11 plates per hour rated speed of the 743 was deemed sufficient for BPMG's use.

According to BPMG, the system proved its worth on the very first day that it was running. They were offered a 160pp A4 four-colour publication, which was to be delivered within 24-hours.

The company took the job on and created 80 plates on the BasysPrint in the afternoon - the BasysPrint was certainly more than equal to the task.

The UV-Setter is available in B2, B1 and large format versions, producing plates up to a maximum format of 3100mm x 1500mm.

Semi-automated and fully automated systems are available in B1 and B2 formats.

BasysPrint products are available from Xeikon .

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