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3D Scanning Services from WYSIWYG 3D

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WYSIWYG 3D  is an Australian company specializing in 3D scanning services. Very small to large size objects and software programs can be scanned. The services offered by WYSIWYG 3D include toolmaking and manufacturing, animation, forensics, ergonomics, drafting, fluid element and finite dynamics analysis, art design and architecture. File conversion services and repair and software sales is also provided by Wysiwyg 3D.

3D scanning creates tools which can be used to alter or make improvements. Programs to repair the existing tool or for making new tools are also generated. 3D scanning can reduce errors that traditional methods tend to glean over.

WYSIWYG 3D also provides 3D scanning service to compare real parts and respective CAD models. 3D scanning using lasers gives dimensional accuracy. WYSIWYG 3D has a software comparing the scanned data and the original file. Immediate feedback is obtained and inspection reports can be generated to show all the deviations.

Drafting services for ventilation, heating and air conditioning industries with plans and relevant documentation is provided by WYSIWYG 3D.

In addition WYSIWYG 3D can also repair existing 3D scanned data and files for rapid prototyping. 'Raindrop Geomagic' software for processing 3D scans, and reverse engineering and inspection is also distributed by WYSIWYG 3D.

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