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Underground workers to gain more safety from Wtek, VSH Hagerbach partnership

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Wtek and VSH Hagerbach have embarked on a unique partnership with an international focus. Together they will contribute to increased safety for underground workers. 

With a network of 5 km of galleries located in eastern Switzerland, VSH Hagerbach Test Gallery provides a worldwide unique facility for research and development of machinery, products and processes for underground constructions. Real scale tests validate the theoretical work and give basic information for further simulations and calculations. 

Tunnels with various cross-sections and length' are available. For the field of safety and security special tunnels have been rebuilt. Road and rail tunnels have been constructed and equipped with typical installations to investigate fire propagation, test materials and train rescue forces for underground incidents. 

At VSH new building-materials are investigated, machines are being developed; safety and security aspects and capacity of new methods and working techniques are being tested. Within the network of VSH Hagerbach test gallery Wtek will test, demonstrate and offer training courses in cooperation with VSH to improve the worker safety for underground constructions. 

The safety systems of Wtek contain several elements. The key component is a transponder that the workers wear. This can be mounted outside the helmet of the worker or attached to a jacket, belt etc. Information gathered from transponders are presented in the WATCHERTUNNEL software. WATCHERTUNNEL is part of the WATCHERSERIES, a tool to help saving lives, especially designed for harsh environments. To be able to use this tool more effectively it is important to have the possibility to train in a full-scale environment. 

Wtek will also use the facility for presentation and demo. Customers and partners worldwide will be given the possibilities to visit at the Hagerbach Test Gallery. 

The fair IUT (innovation underground) arranged in VSH Hagerbach test gallery will be a natural place for Wtek to be represented in the future. We are looking forward to show our new and existing customers this unique and fascinating underground complex.




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