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article image By wearing a transmitter, the whereabouts of all personnel is verified in the case of an emergency.

It’s all about ensuring personal safety, when Wtek introduces their product line of RFID safety systems in Australia.

Wtek is a Norwegian based firm, specializing in track-and-trace solutions for harsh environments. Wtek is represented through partners in 26 countries worldwide. They have developed a unique RFID safety system, using their own Trailblazer RFID middleware.

The Watcherseries, with products for tunnels, mines, industrial buildings and offshore platforms will become a great contribution to existing safety systems throughout Australia.

Wtek’s RFID safety systems have already been installed in industrial production areas, maritime areas, tunnels and mines throughout Europe. Through a RFID or WiFi transmitter carried by personnel, and one or more receivers connected to a computer; administration or rescue personnel can at all times know the whereabouts of the workers.

For rescue teams, the systems are of great help if an incident should occur. For company administration the systems are of great assistance when increasing efficiency and establishing a feeling of safety among the workers.

The transmitters and receivers come in different sizes and with different specifications, to suit different customer needs. The flagship transmitter is using active RFID technology, and its size is roughly the same as a watch. Surprisingly small, when it can transmit its signal nearly 100 metres, comes with an Ex approval, and have a battery lifetime of up to 5 years.

A safety system is more than just knowing the whereabouts of missing workers, and the Watcherseries software comes bundled with a range of features for the specific environments. With many years of experience in the industry, Wtek can provide an integrated solution that will further enhance the safety in any workplace.

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