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Locating miners via RFID transmitter

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Modern track-and-trace systems built on RFID technology, are today used in the supply chain and logistics industry all over the world. Wtek have used the same technology to create a specific solution designed for the mining industry.

Briefly, the system works by placing a small transmitter on all workers and equipment. When the transmitted signal is received at different locations throughout the mine, the front-end software will provide the user with its whereabouts.

Having the mine layout presented through a software system, as a map which also indicates which workers are located where, can add value to daily mining activities.

In the case of a mining emergency, the most important task is to locate all personnel. During a mine evacuation, it is not only important to know the whereabouts of workers as they are making their way out, but it will also greatly benefit the operation to know the whereabouts of rescue teams that are moving into the mine.

When a blast is performed in an underground mine, the most important thing to know is that there are no miners left inside the mine. By reducing the time used to ensure that the mine is cleared, blasts can be performed more often, which in turn is increasing productivity.

After a shift change it can be difficult to locate important machinery. There is also the uncertainty of whether or not all the members of the old shift made it out of the mine, and whether or not all the members of the new shift arrived.

Watchermine is Wtek ’s response to the market demand for a track and trace solution for mining. With several succesful installations throughout Europe, they are now introducing their solutions to the Australian market.

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