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WriteRelease talks on importance of spokespersons in media release

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“Choosing the right spokesperson for a media release can make it more likely to be published or even featured,” says Wendy Cramer of online media release writing and distribution service, WriteRelease .

“Most media releases include direct quotes from somebody within the company that’s making the announcement,” she says. “Who a company chooses to be this spokesperson is a critical decision.”

Ms Cramer from WriteRelease relates that editors of industry publications often prefer a senior company spokesperson, such as a CEO or managing director, but only if they have a thorough understanding of the announcement being made and are available for comment.

“If an editor is interested in the release content and intends to feature the story, they will want to get in contact with the spokesperson for more information," Ms Cramer says, "and there’s nothing worse for a journalist on deadline than a spokesperson who has gone interstate just as the release is issued or is constantly in meetings and unavailable for comment."

"In such cases, it’s worthwhile considering someone like the product manager as the spokesperson."

Ms Cramer says there are three main requirements for a good spokesperson:

  • familiarity with the details of the announcement being made
  • availability for comment around the time the release is issued
  • feeling comfortable answering questions from journalists and editors

Ms Cramer, who writes for industries ranging from agriculture to tourism, says, “We can help businesses determine the best spokesperson for their release, depending on the industry category they’re targeting.”

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