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WriteRelease suggest methods to generate leads from media releases

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According to Marian Macdonald, Public Relations writer, WriteRelease , media releases are not just for the media. A well-written story can be changed into a direct mail piece, newsletter item and sales aid. This can send a consistent message across multiple communication channels, creating a powerful integrated marketing campaign.

WriteRelease clients often take their cue from the fashion industry by reprinting published media releases. For maximum impact, Marian Macdonald recommends reproducing them almost exactly as they appeared in print. Marian Macdonald suggests adding an 'as seen in…' banner to the front to provide context and include a response mechanism on the back. The article along with a covering letter that includes an offer turns it into a direct mail piece with real credibility.

Another alternative is to ask the publisher for extra copies and send the article with a personal note to contacts who would find it particularly relevant. Customer case studies are particularly valuable sales aids because they demonstrate the business case for the purchase of the product. As with the direct mailer, the key is to preserve the news format as much as possible.

The competition for inbox supremacy is fierce and company e-newsletters are often the losers because they are not newsworthy. Most media releases need to be shortened and adjusted to make the source clear before they can be slotted directly into a newsletter.

According to Marian Macdonald, social media such as blogs and online forums reshape marketing and public relations and industrial marketers can also use them to connect with prospects. Opinion pieces can be rewritten in a blog in a snappier, more conversational tone.

Reworked media releases can be posted on forums and also in response to other people's blogs. It is also wise to add each media release to the company website under a prominent “news” tab. Aside from the added exposure for the press release; keyword-rich articles will boost the ranking of the web site. Many public relations writers are now engaged solely in providing web masters with this type of content.

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