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WriteRelease outline views on distributing media releases through email

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The way a media release is distributed to editors can be the difference between them reading it or not receiving it at all, says Wendy Cramer of online press release writing and distribution service, WriteRelease .

"Most press releases are now sent via email. You can use the old fashioned mail-out but the reality is that you will still need to include an electronic version of the press release. Unless a story is groundbreaking, editors won’t re-type your words to get the story into their system,” Wendy Cramer says.

Email is a great way to get the message through for a number of reasons:

  • It is immediate – as soon as news happens, editors can be told about it
  • The story is already in electronic format – editors do not need to do any work to get the content into their system
  • There is a record of receipt. Editors keep records of the material they publish and emailed media releases are easy to file

“Don’t assume that if you send through an email that attaches your press release as a word doc and your picture as a jpeg that the message will automatically get through. Many firewalls simply remove email attachments,” Wendy Cramer says.

“Editors then have to go to the effort of asking their IT departments release the attachments or contact you and ask you to re-send the information pasted into the body of an email.”

WriteRelease gets around this challenge by sending an email message to editors that includes the headline and first paragraph of the media release, followed by a link to the full story, which is hosted on their website. Editors can easily click on the link to read the full story and opt to download it as a Word document, along with an appropriate picture.

“We’ve had a lot of success with this tried and tested format, which gives editors direct access to the Word and jpeg files without having to worry about firewalls,” Wendy Cramer concludes.

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