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WriteRelease discuss Ozilite’s range of safe solution for smokers in flame-free environments

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An Australian-designed automatic cigarette lighter ensures the safety of employees and equipment in environments for which a naked flame is a hazard, but smoking is acceptable. 

WriteRelease have outlined their views on the Ozilite range, which has a recessed heating element with no naked flame. This was originally designed for use in maximum security prisons that prohibit lighters and matches. It has since been used in other environments that avoid naked flame, such as mining sites, oil rigs, smelters, oil refineries, chemical plants and manufacturing plants.

The wall or post-mounted unit is made from stainless steel and is mounted with six security screws to prevent vandalism. The robust design is completely weather and waterproof and can even be hosed down for cleaning without compromising reliability.

The Ozilite automatic cigarette lighter is operated through a non-moving piezo touch switch, with an 11mm circular opening for the cigarette, which is too small for most fingers to access. The heating element that lights the cigarette is recessed another 6mm under the opening in the faceplate. The area between the element and the faceplate is also sealed with a heat-resistant silicon o-ring to further safeguard users.

According to Ron Leishman, Managing director, Ozilite and inventor of the product, the robust design means it is safe to use in any environment. The vandal-proof design that has ensured Ozilite’s ongoing reliability in maximum security prisons means it also withstands the tough industrial environments found in the mining and oil and gas industries.

Maintenance on Ozilite is minimal and all lighters can be easily serviced by maintenance staff as their only consumable item is the element. For ease of replacement, all lighters in the range use the same element, which typically lasts from three to nine months.

Ozilite is available in 110 volt and 240 volt models and both wall and post-mounted models are supplied as either timer or non-timer units. In a non-timer model the unit lights up for as long as the button is pressed; and in the timer model the unit will heat up for 10 seconds when activated and then turn off for 10 seconds.

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