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Wheelie bin tipper from Wrightway Products

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Wrightway Products provide a fully caged hydraulic vertical lift wheelie-bin tipper which requires no manual handling.

The bin, (80, 120, 240 and/or 660 litres) is wheeled onto the cradle at ground level—cradles which take differing sized bins adjust automatically.

The cradle is lifted vertically (no dangerous arc), and pulled forward to empty. There is no wear or pressure placed on the bin or container and contents gently slide out. The cradle is lowered by gravity (no power down).

A small footprint and a range of caging options ensure the bin tipper has minimal visual obstruction making it safe and easy to move around (castors or pneumatic wheels) in a confined or potentially hazardous work space such as a factory floor or working building site.

Being hydraulic there is no possibility of overload causing motor burnout. Vertical lift bin tippers are being used to move product (e.g. in bakeries) and for standard emptying of bins into skips.

Standard bin tippers are available to lift 250 kg and to empty at 700, 1200, 1500 or 2400mm (non-standard lift to 750kg, up to 6 metres).

Custom built cradles are available for specific purpose crates, containers. Power sources for the wheelie bin tippers include single phase, battery, or 3 phase.

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