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Keep your cool this summer

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article image Versa evaporative coolers.

AS the long, hot days of summer approach it is important to make sure the work place offers a comfortable and safe environment for employees. WorkCover warns working in warm conditions can cause many problems, ranging from loss of productivity from mental and physical exhaustion; dropping equipment due to sweaty hands; or falls as a result of fainting or dizziness.

WorkCover also advises that ventilation, mechanical cooling methods and/or work practices should be arranged to counteract excessive heat.

To help make the work place safer and more comfortable this summer, Wreckair Hire has introduced a range of cooling products suitable for most working environments. All models are portable and capable of hitting the hot spots in the factory, on the shop floor, in the office or just about anywhere.

The Versa Kool evaporative cooler is suitable for most work environments. It is easy to operate and cost effective, running on a single phase power supply and tap water.

Totally mobile and with a quiet two speed fan, it has heavy-duty wheels and brakes to ensure safe positioning while in use. This range includes the larger K14 model. This model has a four speed fan with soft starter motor as well as a centrifugal fan, which makes it quiet enough to be used anywhere. All models in the range are corrosion free.

Portable electric and petrol blower extractor fans remove stale and polluted air from any work area, while the range of Man Cooler fans, with a motor speed of 2880rpm, are powerful enough to cool an entire factory or warehouse. All are fitted with safety guards to ensure safe operation.

Wreckair also has a range of pedestal fans. Heavy duty and easily portable these fans have a powerful, totally enclosed motor ensuring trouble free and smooth operation.

They are stylishly designed and are suitable for use in any locations, even on an open shop floor. With 720 rotations a minute they are sure to keep the hottest workers cool. Wreckair Hire 03 9353 4411.

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