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Wormald highlights the importance of fire safety training for mines

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Fire protection solutions provider, Wormald emphasises the need for extra vigilance in preventing and preparing for fires at mines, given the hazardous nature and typical remoteness of mining operations.

Describing it as an ethical, financial and regulatory necessity, Wormald believes that workers at all levels within the mining industry should maintain high skill levels in their emergency response capabilities.

Tony Jones of Wormald explains that training is a critical element of fire safety planning and particularly important in high risk industries such as mining as it assists staff to respond appropriately in the event of a fire. Training helps organisations develop effective plans and procedures, which can be readily executed during a fire. Knowing how to use the correct fire protection equipment enables staff to confidently manage an emergency situation.

Wormald has delivered fire safety training courses at many of Australia’s leading mines including the Xstrata Coal Glendell Mine in New South Wales where participating staff were taught how to adopt the correct procedures upon discovering a fire, how to identify different types of fire equipment on the site, how to use the fire equipment correctly and how to determine the class of fire and select the correct equipment for each.

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Wormald offers a range of fire safety courses suitable for the mining industry.

Confined Space Entry Training

Designed to equip authorised employees with the knowledge and skills required to safely enter and operate in confined spaces, the Wormald’s Confined Space Entry Training course also covers avoiding exposure to hazardous substances, flammable or explosive conditions in addition to addressing safety and health issues.

Wormald also offers a mobile training facility in NSW and ACT with a fully-equipped trailer allowing trainees to experience the realities of accessing and working in enclosed spaces, and even participate in mock emergency scenarios and rescues.

Wormald offers a Refresher Training option for the course, which is required every two years.

Breathing Apparatus (BA) Training

Wormald’s nationally accredited Breathing Apparatus course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in the workplace. This course covers topics such as checking and operating breathing apparatus, and responding to incidents requiring breathing apparatus to be worn.

Renewal of the Breathing Apparatus Training is required every two years with Wormald’s Refresher Training option providing a high level summary of the full training session.

Fire Extinguisher Training

An essential element of fire safety in the workplace, Fire Extinguisher Training by Wormald offers a combination of theory and practical training, which educates participants about the relevance of state fire safety regulations and provides the opportunity to develop operational techniques when using fire equipment in the workplace.

A nationally recognised training version of the course is available for those employees who may need an Australia-wide accredited qualification.

Lay Flat Hose Training

Tailored to suit employees who are part of an Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Lay Flat Hose Training aims to train occupants on how to contain large fires until emergency services arrive. Conducted on location, the course uses the specific equipment available to workers on site so they can be confident and familiar with the very tools they will use.

Topics include the number of people needed to operate each size of hose, the different types of hydrants and hose lengths, as well as maintenance and hazards of the equipment.

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